One of the reasons a lot of people subscribe to Netflix is ​​that when they visit they offer their customers a month long free trial, which means you can try their services for a month, e.g. unpaid TV shows. This trial period will give you an idea of ​​the type of service you will get from Netflix. When you take advantage of the free trial version of Netflix Activation, you can instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies online on your PS3 or TV. You can also use the Xbox 360 or Wii, or any Netflix-enabled device in the free Netflix activation trial, to watch the video content you want on your best smart TV during this month-long trial. Or if you want, you can connect your computer to the system and you're good to go. Activate Netflix with an activation code You will receive an activation code from your device; You'll need to enter this code at to in any web browser. Sign in to your Netflix account. After signing in, select the profile you want to watch Netflix for. Enter the Netflix activation code. Press Activate. Your device is now connected to the Netflix account. ! Connect your smart TV via the Netflix app on the TV screen. Click on Sign In. If you don't already have an account, create one. After logging in, you will see an activation code on the TV screen, enter the activation code at The TV is now connected to your Netflix. Steps to Activate Netflix: Setting up your free Netflix activation trial is easy. All you need is a PC or Mac connected to the Internet.Here's what you need to do: connect your computer and go to your preferred browser and enter In the next window, set up a free Netflix trial account. Once you've created an account and received your username. ID and Password, sign in to your account Select the title of the TV episode or movie you want to watch Enjoy the video streaming You also need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin to stream video content to your computer Yes Yes If you do not have this software, you will be asked to install the free plug-in for your web browser. If you enjoy your movie experience on Netflix, there is nothing else you need to do at the end of the month-long trial period.Your membership will last as long as you are satisfied with the free trial. Of course, you will be billed for the following monthly Netflix services. If you are not satisfied with the free trial, you will need to cancel your membership before the trial ends. that's all!